Pop stars and your average Jo Blo – Drugs and Chemicals take lives too early

A few days ago, Whitney Houston was found dead in a bath supposedly from either incorrect drug mixing or misuse. On a similar note, the Dad of a school friend of mine died after battling severe pain in his spine for many years. I remember Mike suffered severe back pain many years ago when when I was at school and saw him a lot more. He has been increasing his dosage and selection of medication including pain killers and anti-inflammatories over the past 20 years. Mike died at about 60, leaving children and grandchildren. This is way younger than he could have. There are so many people just like him who are wrongly advised or in other instances, don’t know the potential side effects in the short and long term, of taking medications.
These medications in many instances masks the problems that cause the pain. Pain is a vital message that tells you something is not quite right. By continuing life on medication like this, people open themselves up to two problems. Firstly, they can further aggravate the problem causing the pain but also they increase the toxic load in the body and the kidneys and liver can only take that for so long.

Pro-active steps in ones lifestyle are so important. Avoiding postures, positions and movements that cause or aggravate the pain is so important. Also, eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, sufficient water and doing some exercise to support ones improvement.

All it may take for some people, could be a Chiropractic check-up which may help them better understand their spine, health and well being better. This may lead to countless proactive steps which may lead one to better health and quality of life possibly negating the need for a lifetime of medication.

Who do you know that is toxifying their body?

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