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Connecting & calming yoga along with Chiropractic

Traditionally, yoga is an ancient art form which originated from India, created to bring the mind and body into deep union with breathing and a series of poses and postures called asanas. In our fast paced western world, yoga allows us the opportunity to slow down, be present and in tune with our bodies.


The power of laughter and a healthier nerve system

For a long time people have been fascinated with laughter. Studies have been made to figure out why we laugh, what makes babies laugh and why we laugh when we are nervous. However, there is no grey around the fact that laughter is a universal connection that is both recognised and shared by all.


Are you evolving with change?

At Back In Line Chiropractic we enjoy the privilege of serving our community and helping them towards a healthier state of life and health. We have been consistently achieving this goal since 2001 and Back In Line Chiropractic has both evolved and grown immensely.


Confused about what to eat?

As a nutritionist, I’m excited that nutrition has become something so many are interested in—it means more people are tuning into their bodies and their choices to improve their health and wellbeing and that’s a great thing! The downside to all this enthusiasm has been the creation of “food confusion”.


Build momentum and keep the flow

The past 6 Months has been a remarkable 6 months for me. I feel I have learnt and gained a lot and through experiences, interactions and all of what life is offering me.


The art of giving…

In the build-up and preparation for my New York Marathon I will be running in weeks to come, I have to reflect on some significant parts of my journey that will change others lives.


Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you struggling to stay focused and alert  during meetings, yawing at your desk or feel your thoughts, attention and energy are down?  If this is you, you may be one of many people who are just not getting enough sleep.   In fact if you eat well and exercise regularly if you are not getting enough sleep you could well be undermining all your other efforts.


5 Ways Running Boosts Your Brain

We all know movement and exercise is essential for our bodies and running is a great way to keep our bodies healthier. But did you know that running also boosts your brain power?  Just like muscles in our body, the brain is our number one use-it-or-lose it organ, so check out our 5 great ways running can boost your brain at any age.


School Bags can be a “PAIN IN THE BACK!”

As a parent of 3 school aged children, I dread watching my girls walk out the door yoked under the weight of their heavy bags, and with the school year well underway I though it's time to highlight some important points about school bags and how they may be harming our kids.


Do you Check-in or Check-out?

You might have taken off for a few days or a few weeks over the holiday season away from work. Taking a break is more than just having fun and relaxing.


Get moving again and Fit for Summer

Spring is here, which means Summer is just a few months away.   Whether you’re a student whose Winter hibernation derailed your discipline, or your focus on work and family kept you from your regular workout routine; here is our easy 8 minute morning routine to get you moving again and energized for the day.  


Make the Holiday Season Stress Free

5 Top Tips to Help Make your Holiday Season a Stress Free Zone 1. Do I really need to have the start of the Holiday Season as my deadline? Think about it. If you are working till New Year or even in those first weeks of January, this is a much better time to sit and focus on a project.


If you or someone you know is suffering from some health issues and they are looking at taking a natural approach to managing these issues, then our practice may be the right place.
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