Melbourne is Open – Are your feet ready?

When we think about Chiropractic, we tend to think of the spine. Why then, is your Chiropractor writing about feet??

Although Chiropractic care is all about improving spine and nervous system function, the platform that all of this sits on, is your feet! Your feet are your foundations and if they don’t provide a stable, flexible and even base, then this seriously affects your ability to have a sound spine and nervous system.

It can impact on your balance, coordination, fatigue levels, risk of injury and problems can transmit up the spine to the knees, hips, pelvis and even your jaw.

Check out the 7 signs that you might need orthotics:
  1. Uneven shoe wear
  2. Foot, ankle or arch pain
  3. Bowed Achilles tendon
  4. Knocked knees
  5. Pelvis unlevelling
  6. Turned out feet
  7. Flat feet (check your footprint in wet sand)

Custom orthotics have been proven to reduce standing fatigue, improve golf swing, improve jump heights in sport, improve foot comfort, reduce knee injuries, improve foot alignment, improve balance and more.

Ask our team to book you a complimentary foot-scan appointment at your next visit!

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