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As warmer weather approaches, many of us will be raring to get out and get moving, with our previous exercise programs and our usual gusto….. But beware!!

Lockdown in Melbourne has exacted a heavy toll on all of us, both physically and mentally. Being sedentary and still for long periods is not good for our health, as our bodies will naturally decondition as the muscles weaken and it adjusts to its ‘new normal’. Many of us have had to drastically adapt or have slipped off entirely from our regular training programs. We’ve heard from many of our patients that walking or running have taken priority.

We strongly suggest that you ease back into your exercise program, and be mindful that you may have to take it back a couple of notches in order to go forward.
  • Take the next 4 to 6 weeks to gradually rebuild your strength.
  • Focus on stretching dynamically before (15 mins) and statically after (10 mins). 
  • Be patient with yourself – Your stiff and tight muscles, joints and spine will come out of hibernation, but it will take time.
  • Remember, focus on your core to add extra protection to your spine.
  • Warm-up! Yes, it takes extra time, but getting a niggle that turns into a bigger issue is just going to put your body back into lockdown.
 Move well, be well!

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