Tech Neck – We All Do It!

We get so absorbed into looking at our phones that we don’t even realize what’s happening to our posture.

‘Tech neck’, also known as ‘forward head posture’, occurs when your head moves forward, your upper back slouches as your shoulders round, which results in flattening of the lumbar curve.

(Dr Dave showing us an example of poor phone posture and ‘tech neck’ VS good phone posture)

We end up looking like ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ for a good chunk of the day and then wonder why we have neck and shoulder tension, headaches, back pain and the list goes on.

The spine has inbuilt shock absorbers, but when they are distorted, they don’t work properly and we put unnecessary stress on our spine and nervous system, resulting in dysfunction.

Take a moment to notice and adjust your posture next time you are looking at your phone. Start simply by bringing your phone just above shoulder level. In doing this, you’ll notice your neck and head won’t bend forward. Pull your shoulders back and down and activate your core. Remember, wherever your head goes, the rest of your body follows. Keep your head up and you will literally save yourself those horrible muscle pains, headaches, dysfunction and more.

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