Chiropractic contour pillows

We sleep at least 6-8 hours per night on average and that could equate to a third or more of some peoples lives. Sleeping with the correct support is imperative. Many people ask what the correct support is. Well you best be sleeping on your back or side. On your back, the contour of the amazing pillows we sell and recommend reinforces the normal or natural curve that the neck is supposed to have. On your side, the head lays in the contour and the height is adjustable to allow you to be in a straight position. These pillows are soft yet supportive and the feedback we have is great.

If you feel like you are waking in the morning with neck and shoulders stiffness, a headache, or even some pins and needles in your arms or hands, this may be part of what is needed to improve your health. Having said that, it is vital to have a correctly fitted pillow regardless of whether you suffer from symptoms or not.

Watch Dr. Roy explain and demonstrate this amazing pillow

This month only (March 2012), we are offering these pillows for $75 (usually $95) so come in and ask one of our team to see and feel the pillow to see how it will work for you.

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