Chiropractor and patients run for the kids

Once again this year, we (Back In Line Chiropractic) fielded a team of patients and friends to do Run for the Kids. Having taken part in the event last year, I decided it was a great event and a worthy cause. The event raised over 1.65 Million Dollars from entrants and fund raisers this year. This is an amazing figure from a well organised event. It makes me realise how hard the ASRF (Australian Spinal Research Foundation), of which I am a member, need to work to raise funds and may never get close to that in any one year. I suppose that being a charity that is supporting research into that natural healing capabilities of the body, they don’t have the backing of the big drug companies.

I was reminded of the power of natural Chiropractic care yet again today by a patient who ran the race. He mentioned that he never thought he would be able to run as he was always getting injured after trying over the past 5 years. After training for the past 6 months or so, he managed to complete his first race (almost 15 Kilometres) and in great health.

Many people loose faith in their body and have not exhausted all their options to improve their health and this is a reminder to you all, “never give up”.  Keep looking for the solution or approach to improve your health or recover from an injury. If you have not tried Chiropractic, remember, its researched to be safe, and effective, so it’s worth a go.

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