7 Tips to beat stress this holiday season

Intensify your exercise

A quick power walk at lunch or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are two easy ways to fit some exercise into a busy day. Stress gets stored in our bodies tissues, so exercise helps ensure we let go of any that we have stored. If you have less time for your regular work-outs, stick to shorter but more intensive work-outs.

Buy some time

There are so many opportunities to buy presents on-line and save time standing in queue’s. Delivery is fast. Cost is similar or sometimes cheaper. This might give you more opportunities to be with your loved ones.

Take time out

Setting aside 15 minutes a day of personal time to take a break and clear the mind is also a wonderful way to beat stress. It doesn’t matter what the 15 minutes involves. Whether it’s a relaxing walk, a warm bath, listening to music on your iPod or sitting and staring at the stars, personal time can help you cope with the added demands of the festive season. A good night’s sleep is also an important stress-busting technique. Set aside enough time to sleep properly during the festive season.

Water up!

With too many parties and functions, learn to say “No” unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary to attend. Many people turn to alcohol and caffeine drinks thinking that they may help them get through the stress but little do they realise that it further fuels the cycle of stress they are going through. When you feel the craving for that next unnecessary drink, have a large glass of ice-cold water instead. It works a charm every time. Have discipline, just do it.

Thanks and Forgiveness

Build relationships up, especially if they are weak or vulnerable. Take the opportunity to give thanks and forgiveness to people you owe this to. This is one of the most powerful soul building, relationship firming habits you could develop. Make sure that you are with or around other people, make positive conversation, show you care. When you are out and about, smile and say hi to people that you might typically have just walked past. You will feel great about yourself and make others feel that way too.

Laugh out louder

A quick fun way to reduce the level of stress hormones in your body is laughter. If you are finding it hard to find reasons to laugh, then fake it! (Laughing is great exercise for your abdominal muscles and tones your internal organs too!) You could easily find some humorous YouTube footage that could assist if you are really stuck.

Get your TIC, Chiro….prac……TIC

A healthy spine and nervous system allows your body to cope better with stress and express it’s full potential. No better place to get that than your Chiropractor. No wonder so many people are getting adjusted before the festive season. Chiropractic care may often reduce pain, help you sleep better, and assist your body to cope better with the stress.

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