Pass It On With Pregnancy

Dear marvelous mother-to-be reading this, although motherhood is probably the scariest hood you will ever experience, it comes with incredible beauty and cherished gifts – may you embrace, connect and enjoy the journey you are on.

Here’s a little help to boost you healthily along …

Without a doubt pregnancy is a bit of a paradox. From woman to woman it is unique, yet it is fundamentally the same. It is an experience which easily and profoundly binds and connects all women. With variance in degrees, it is a chapter full of challenges and treasures; the perfect beginning to parenthood.

Your inborn and innate intelligence is literally creating, growing and fostering another human being to come to existence, wow! When you literally stop and think about this natural process, it is simply incredible. It’s a significant and perhaps a stressful/blissful/colourful process for your body, mind and soul to undertake, and of course, for those around you too. There may be times where you experience nausea, tiredness, brain fatigue, breast tenderness, irritability and then of course you go on to recommend pregnancy to another woman or ultimately, decide to do it all again!

Chiropractic care helps women to be as healthy as they can be during pregnancy.

Having your spine checked by a chiropractor ensures that your pelvis is sitting correctly to allow optimum room for your baby to grow and move.

A well-functioning nervous system enables a mother to easily combat many of the hurdles of pregnancy. Often women learn to just accept pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, heartburn, shortness of breath, constipation, hemorrhoid’s, frequent urination, etc, when in fact, they don’t need to.

Maintaining the integrity of the thoracic spine (mid-back) through chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate mid-back pain (due to an increase in breast size), shortness of breath and heartburn.

Maintaining thoracolumbar (mid to low back) and lumbosacral (lower) flexibility free of subluxations can help with other unnecessary discomforts such as constipation, frequent urination, sciatica, lower back pain, symphysis pubis pain and pelvis pain.

In addition to adjusting your spine and clearing your nervous system from interference, a wellness-oriented chiropractor may talk to you about the importance of stretching, yoga (conscious breathing), or physical activity.

Chiropractic care is important before, during and after pregnancy.

To finish, here are some steps to a pregnancy rich in vitality:

  • “Knowledge is power” – Learn about pregnancy. Acknowledge how your baby develops so you can understand their growing needs
  • Expand your knowledge by connecting with other woman, couples and maternity care providers, and then decide your individual approach to pregnancy and birth
  • Learn about general health and wellness by reading recommended books and listening to podcasts
  • Get checked by a wellness-oriented Chiropractor. When your nervous system or “life force” is free of interference, your body is better able to express its full genetic capacity for vitalism and health
  • Maintain good posture early
  • Check and assess your pre-pregnancy health status. Nutritionists, naturopaths and Chinese herbalists are trained to assess specific nutritional needs or deficiencies which may impact on a mother’s pregnancy and long-term wellness
  • Structure your work in a way that works best for you and the baby
  • Embrace self-care principles and nurturing lifestyle habits
  • Treat your feet!
  • Make your intake nutritious, delicious and wholesome
  • Cultivate a resilient learning attitude
  • Be calm, be strong, meditate and connect with your baby

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