Dig it, Donate it, or Ditch it!

Spotless Spring has officially sprung! The spic and span season for all things to sparkle and shine is HERE! In other words, time for your winter slob to come clean!

WHY declutter?

  • Gives you more space physically, and potentially also mentally and creatively
  • Encourages one to decide what’s actually important to oneself, providing a clearer direction, expression and identity
  • Saves you money, the less you buy the less you spend
  • Makes you money (HELLOOOO GUMTREE!)
  • Creates the opportunity to live simply and create exactly what you want 
  • The liberating freedom to relocate – The more stuff you own, and the more emotionally tied to it that you are, the greater the logistical difficulties and expenses will be when you move

How to Declutter

Put simply and as our title so smoothly suggests whatever the item may be, either dig it (you love it so therefore keep it), donate it (just because you don’t love it doesn’t mean someone else wont) or ditch it! (somethings are just no good to no body) If it’s not useful, beautiful or brings you joy then what is it still doing in your life?

  • Write a to do list of all the individual tasks, and use the endorphin hit of crossing a task off to springboard into the next one. Make the first one on the to do list ‘write a to do list’ so you get the reward of crossing one off immediately!
  • Clearly define your objective for the decluttering showdown – don’t set yourself the vague task of ‘declutter the house’, rather ‘clean out some hanging space from my side of the wardrobe’, and stick to it.
  • Be strategic, plan to hit it when you generally feel high in energy and decisive. Take advantage of your prime time whether that be morning, evening, or in between
  • Start small, one cupboard, corner or cranny at a time. Dodge feeling overwhelmed by breaking the up task into bite-sized chunks.
Decluttering can be boring, tedious and straight up hard work. 
* Focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ to avoid mental resistance
* Work with intervals, and add fun activities and delicious snacks in between.
* Play your favourite music, comedian, or podcast
* The decluttering podcasts I’ve mentioned below may jump start your inner decluttering motor. There is something powerful about having the support of others speak about the very action you are implementing.Now, take note this last strategy is hands down the biggest game changer you’ll ever read on decluttering – Recruit help! People innately love to help, enthusiastically invite your children or partner to the “dazzling” responsibility of a task. Lovingly guide and don’t butt in! Let them take ownership. While you’re at it, challenge the kids to donate one toy from their collection, and teach them the importance of charity at the same time.

Reminder, to teach is to demonstrate. May you lead via example.

Happy living, simply living 😊

Recommended Reads:
“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo
“Everything That Remains” By: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus
“Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life” By: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

The Minimalist
An Uncluttered Life
A Slob Comes Clean
The Art of Simple
The Slow Home Podcast

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