Winding Down The Brain – Part 1

Sleeping well is the best chance for our bodies to rest and digest. If we don’t switch off properly then, the systems within our bodies can’t function optimally. 

There are a number of factors which contribute to a compromised state of rest and digest however in this newsletter we will focus on winding down the brain.

After a day in the office, on the tools or being a parent, transitioning to a calm headspace for the evening is important. The brain is a superb instrument especially when it’s used with purposeful and consciousness awareness.  

Here are some practical ways to calm the busy brain:

1.    Leave you phone at home, and go for a leisurely walk (nothing too fast paced). Either go alone or if you want some company, organise a loved one to join you. Moving slowly and calmly without technology can be surprisingly relaxing.

2.    Water, this incredible element of the earth is so underrated! Either drink it, swim in it or shower in it. Alternatively, post-day and pre-evening do all three. The average adult is about 60% water – no wonder water is so therapeutic and has the power to calm and influence your state of mind.

3.    Control light input – The Superior Colliculus in the brain is responsible for receiving light input and here are some steps to dampen down the stimuli to this area of the brain.

•    Get yourself a good pair of polarizing sunglasses. 
Have you ever walked into a store and instantly felt the intensity of the fluorescent lights? Some people find this quite irritating – and for good reason. These lights, along with our computer screens, TVs, and mobiles give off a blue light signal. This signal is a short, sharp wave shape and it amps up our Superior Colliculi. The red-light wave length is at the other end of the light spectrum and is long and smooth. There are a few things you can do to turn your world red instead of blue:
•    Use red lenses 
These will not protect you from harsh sun, but they will make computer screens and the inside lights you encounter easier to handle. At Back In Line Chiropractic we sell affordable red lenses. However, if you want to invest in glasses that have the same effect yet aren’t visibly red visit and order online at;
•    Get your lenses dipped
Those who wear prescription glasses may not be able to just get a pair of red glasses to pop over the top. Selected optometrists offer a lens dipping service to tint your prescription lenses.
•    Use light dimmers at night
Simply turning down the lights after dark can offer a calming effect at the end of the day. As a dual bonus, it offers a signal to your brain that night time is on its way, hence sleep is imminent. For those who struggle to drop off to sleep at night, it can act and another arrow in your anti-insomnia artillery.
•    Ensure lights in the bedroom are minimal 
Alarm clocks, stereo sound systems, phone screens and television indicators can all cause little light leaks in our sleep-zones. If light sensitivity is an issue for you, try covering them up or removing them from your bedroom. It makes for good sleep hygiene to do this too.

4.    Dampen sound input
The Inferior Colliculus receives sound input and is perhaps one of the easiest pathways to look after.
•    Use earplugs
•    Get the kids to wear headphones
•    If you are super sensitive to noise expose yourself to quiet environments, especially towards the end of the day.

In this newsletter we have covered half of the practical ways to calm the busy brain and will endeavour to cover the other half in the next newsletter.

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