The art of giving…

In the build-up and preparation for my New York Marathon I will be running in weeks to come, I have to reflect on some significant parts of my journey that will change others lives.

Click here to see what I (Dr. Roy) have raised so far and please support my cause

There are many people way less fortunate than you and I. There are some who never had an upbringing nor the education about understanding health values and also may have lacked the health conscious social circles.

For this reason, I decided, amongst training and then running the Marathon, I would raise money for a worthy cause. This way, I will be performing for way more than just personal achievement and life experience, but to give kids the opportunity of learning true health and it’s importance.

Life Education Victoria are an Australian charity who provide education for underprivileged kids helping steer these kids away from toxic life choices and aiming for better health habits engaged through a better understanding of the body, nutrition and lifestyle and a positive attitude.

I originally set out to raise $10,000 for this cause. I suspected this would be tough but doable and after giving it some thought, I felt that I could do better than that. I would dig deep to raise $15,000.

I ask you to consider being a part of this giving and make a contribution towards this worthy cause in our own back-yard of Victoria. Click here to see what I have achieved so far and also to donate to my cause.

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