On the eve of a big goal!

Many people continue their lives with a limited vision of where they are going and what is important to us in life. I have been guilty of this at times too. After becoming a runner 5 years ago, little did I realise that this would challenge some self limiting beliefs I had but also redefine my ideas of goal setting.

Today marks three days till the Melbourne Marathon and I reflect on my running journey that has meant more than just running to me. 5 Years ago, just starting running was a goal. Months later a 5Km fun run was all my brain could even digest. Soon after that, a 15Km fun run, Run for the Kids and I thought “no way, I am not going further” after doing a few similar distance fun runs, the next challenge was a half marathon. I still had no sight of a marathon in me at that stage but after doing 3 half marathons, I decided that I will not be fulfilled if I could not do at least a few marathons. For this, my first, so far, I have raised almost $5500 for charity, Life Education Australia.

I am grateful for the health that running has given me over the past few years. I am grateful that I found a form of exercise that I really love and that works well with having a busy life with having a family who I love spending time with and also being a Chiropractor and running a business which I love too. I am also grateful for an amazing level of support from my family, friends, Chiropractors, Myotherapists and my running group. Achieving a milestone with a team to help you through some tough times, mentally and physically is critical. Running helps me be fitter and healthier to be a better person, a better husband, dad and Chiropractor who can motivate and inspire anyone I connect with to take a step towards being more AWESOME, something that we all have inside of us.

My message is that you should never take life, family, health or anything for granted. Find your purpose in life, define your vision and get on mission. Sacrifices are necessary and commitment is vital. Get a team of great people to help you and that you can help at the same time. If you fail to define your vision, it will be define for you by the people you hang around with and I believe it is far easier living your life with purpose and a vision that to live with someone else’s. I quote Colin Wardrop “Never live under the cloud that others create for you”

Be bold, take a step outside your comfort zone and spend some time to define or redefine your life’s purpose. Mine is to be AWESOME and inspire awe on each person I connect with. What is yours and what will you be thinking on the eve of achieving your next goal.

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