Make the Holiday Season Stress Free

5 Top Tips to Help Make your Holiday Season a Stress Free Zone

1. Do I really need to have the start of the Holiday Season as my deadline? Think about it. If you are working till New Year or even in those first weeks of January, this is a much better time to sit and focus on a project.

2. Can I do my research and/or shopping online? Many people love the tactile (touch and feel) nature of shopping, so do your research online first and then enjoy one or two days out and about.

3. What is my budget? Many people buy gifts on credit and don’t realise how much they’ve spent until the credit card account arrives in January. When making your list, include a column for budget. Total it, and see if it’s realistic. If not, edit the amounts!

4. Which events do I really want to go to? Sometimes, we attend events just because we feel like we should… Life’s too short- just say NO!

5. Am I setting myself up for failure? Many of us picture the perfect family where everyone is well-behaved and the children play quietly with their new toys. Is this your reality? Don’t expect the perfect holiday season. What will be, will be.

The holiday season is a time to spend with our loved ones and show gratitude for the wonderful people we have in our lives and realise just how fortunate we are. We know that with a healthy spine and nervous system we are better able to see the world more clearly and make better choices for our family and ourselves. Make sure you have a Chiropractic check-up at Back In Line Chiropractic!

We wish you a splendid and healthy Holiday Season!

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