Prepare To Win!

We all know the famous line, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”, however when you kick back and watch the excitement of the footy, there is no denying it, it’s in your face. Preparation is key! 
It’s the grand finals (whoop whoop!) and the AFL players get an awesome yet limited opportunity to deliver. Similar to everyday life, if they don’t skilfully prepare the chance to meet goals or experience, their chances of a win is lowered.

In the lead up to ‘game day’ focusing solely on what one and all can control sets the team up for victory. Doing the hard ground work and the small important things regularly in the background, whilst having the bigger picture in mind is momentous.

Rise above and be capable of viewing the little mundane tasks as important steps to your ultimate goal. Strong mental confidence and the ability to perform swiftly, without over thinking, is the winning weapon.

In AFL (and all other team sports) training is generally done selflessly for the greater good of the team, making a sacrifice for both yourself and others, however isn’t that the case in life too? Whether it’s your work team, family team or sports team there is no denying, seamless teamwork is important for achieving the best result.

In the words popularly attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. This self-sabotaging and life-limiting way of thinking has the power to hold us back. When inspired by others, naturally we want to clap for them, praise them and congratulate them. In life (even if it’s from a distance) cheer others on and notice how good you feel.

Unfortunately for some, criticizing people is naturally easier than celebrating them. But criticizing connects to jealously and embracing leads to joy.

  • Inspiration fills you up. Comparison empties you.
  • Inspiration drives you forward. Comparison drives you back.
  • Inspiration tells you there’s still time to accomplish something amazing. Comparison tells you it’s too late.

Know your goals and be driven by them. Be strict with training, nail repetition and preparation. Find people who inspire you. The world is full of exceptional folk.

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