Posture – The window into our nerve system

A healthy functioning nervous system is the key to good health. Your nervous system is the master controller and communication system of your body. It controls all of your muscles, tissues, organs and immune system.

Stressful lives, thoughts, toxins and traumas can all have an impact on how your spine and nervous system function.

Your spine is like a window into your nervous system.It gives a lot of information and clues about the function of your nervous system. When we have areas of the spine that lose their proper movement and function, our body uses compensation patterns to deal with this.

Posture is a good example.

Try this at home:

Stand directly behind your family member. 
Notice the positioning of the bottom of both of their ears.
Are they even or is one higher than the other?
Look at their shoulders. Does one side sit up higher than the other?

Look at their posture from side on. 
If you draw an imaginary vertical line through the middle of their ear down to meet the tip of their shoulder, these 2 points should line up.
The average human head weighs around 4-5kg. Imagine the extra weight of your head and load on your shoulders if it is sitting forward.
From the side, you can also see that the pelvis may or may not align with the shoulder, ear and foot.

Posture not only affects the muscles around the spine and body, but it can also affect our nervous system function too! If our head sits forward on our shoulders, it signals to our brain that we are under stress, so the nervous system can get wound up and our physiology can change. When this happens constantly over time, your body goes into survival mode.

It is important to keep healthy alignment for a healthy spine and nervous system.

When was the last time you had your spine and nervous system checked?
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