How does your workplace health and wellbeing stack up?

Every day in practice, we see people coming in to our office wanting to not only get well but also stay well. Some of the critical questions we ask clients, are the simplest of things that we could ask ourselves. Many people turn up to the workplace each day but their thoughts are focused more on their job that they need to get done rather than their ability to be healthy and well and enjoying the work that they do.

Wellbeing is not only important outside of work but is equally important while at work. So many people suffer unnecessary headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and other symptoms as a result of poor workplace ergonomics. Learn lots and keep well, then stay well.

A work environment with good fresh air would be great. Imagine working outdoors. Some are lucky enough but most of us are not. Good lighting is equally important especially if you need to “See” what you are doing. Correct ergonomics are critical. There is nothing more frustrating when clients to start getting well and then realise that they have recurrences in issues as a result of things that they could be helping themselves. Spend some time looking through this page on our website so you can set your desk up appropriately. Posture an ergonomics page

How often do you take breaks at work? Do you avoid sending internal emails or making internal phone calls when you could take a 5 minute walk to talk with that person. Have you ever tried thinking about your work while you stand up and stretch for a while. Do you ever make phone calls while walking around? Some research in the past has shown that the conversation could be more productive as a result.

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