Foot, Knee, Hips, Pelvis, Spine, Posture Brain

When you read the subject you are probably wondering how this all connects.

Many patients initially present for Chiropractic care with pain often in one area of the body or another. Little did they think that the pain messages are often good messages where your brain and body are needing to connect the need for rest for recovery. Often this pain could be the result of mild or severe levels of inflammation in the body.

In my experience of taking care of many people suffering lower Back Pain,leg pain or hip pain, Chiropractic may often be enough to reduce or eliminate this pain. When lower back pain is complicated by patients having dropped arches in their feet, the patterns that make this evident often include the fact that the person gets worse after standing, walking or running for periods of time. Some people even have one leg that is structurally shorter than the other which could pose other issues that need to be managed appropriately.

For this reason, we often scan the feet (and especially the arches of the feet) to get to know how they could be influencing everything else above. Many people could benefit having these arches stabilised with custom made orthotics.

For this reason, we arrange custom made orthotics also known as spinal pelvic stabilisers (through Footlevelers). For over 7 years, we have found that the benefits to patients wearing Footlevelers is phenomenal but more importantly I often see people getting results quicker than were usually possible. Over the 7 years, I have arranged hundreds of pairs of Footlevelers. There is a full one year warranty and guarantee. They cost between $400 and $600 and could last a number of years and can be moved between shoes in many instances.

To learn more, ask one of our team about getting your feet scanned and if you may benefit.

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