Dr. David Korchok

Dr. Dave is an Australian-born chiropractor and has been in practice for over 17 years. He spent his formative years in small town USA, so you may notice he is sporting an exotic accent of late (something between Canadian and Irish depending on who he spoke with last). Having run a thriving country practice for 9 years, he recently re-located to Melbourne in order to be close to family and friends as well as his sporting interests. Dr. Dave is an avid Crossfitter, which fits in well with his sporting background; in the summer season he enjoys playing Men’s Pairs Beach Volleyball Tournaments. He has had the prestigious privilege of treating some of the members of his Crossfit Gym who made it to the USA 2017 Reebok Crossfit games.

Dr. Dave is a passionate student of life’s many subjects, and is currently completing a course in functional neurology in order to tackle the difficult cases that practice presents from time to time. He has invested two years of post-graduate study to benefit his patients. And Dr. Dave LOVES the challenging cases that practice clients present! His love of neurology and brain function is a direct compliment to the approach that Back In Line Chiropractic offers its clients. He loves seeing the changes that chiropractic care makes to the lives of the community and he has proudly inspired two of his patients to become chiropractic doctors.

Besides working with challenging cases, Dr. Dave loves working with everyday office workers who have sedentary jobs and stressed out lifestyles. Headache, migraine, and poor-posture related issues are just a few of his favourite areas that he really enjoys working with to help people reach their maximum potential. Breaking the monotony of office patterns, Dr. Dave will be quick to get you unobtrusively disrupting your stationary lifestyle. And because of his diverse love of sports, Dr. Dave loves treating athletes to help reduce injury time and finely tune bodies to perform at their peak.

Dr. Dave is an RMIT graduate where he spent seven years completing a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, a Bachelor of Clinical Science, and a Bachelor of Human Biology. He is a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia and regularly attends conferences to keep up with the latest developments in healthcare in order to best serve his community.

Techniques: Manual, Low Force Adjusting, Drop Piece, Extremity Adjusting, Logan Basic


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