Detoxification Prevents Deterioration

Detoxing is something that you might be hearing a lot about. It is very popular right now with the boom of the wellness industry and social media it seems that every man and his dog has some kind of detox that they are selling!

So what is Detox?
Detoxification is a normal metabolic process your body does every day to eliminate all the toxins you have been exposed to. The body’s natural detoxification process changes the toxins to less damaging chemicals and eliminates them from your body through the various detoxification channels which include your skin, breath/lungs, liver and kidneys. Typically when you see the word detox it means embarking on some kind of strict elimination diet with or without the use of supplements to support the detoxification process in your body.

How do I know if I need to Detox?
When your body is struggling with an increased toxic load it can be hard for it to function normally. Some clues that may indicate you could benefit from a detox are fatigue, allergies,
inflammation, reproductive challenges or difficulty losing weight. A great way to check in with yourself is to ask yourself a few key questions about your exposure to toxins.
How much processed food do you eat?
How often do you eat large fish?
Do you take drugs? (prescription/over the counter or recreation)
How much alcohol do you drink?
Are you exposed to chemical toxins in your work (panel beaters/painters/plasterers etc)
Are your personal care products free of toxins?

How do I know what Detox I should do?
Not all detox programs are the same. Some involve elimination of solid food, or food altogether, some involve supplements and some involve special foods (remember the lemon
detox diet!) So it’s important to decide what exactly you need to detox. Do you need to detox your liver, your kidneys, your gut or all of the above? Is it enough to just stop putting the toxins and allergens in or do you really need to take supplements to drag the stored toxins out of your organs? Do you need to detox for 2 weeks, a month or more?

At Back In Line Chiropractic, we refer to practitioners with experience in this area who can assess you using specific tools and find out the answers to these questions. So don’t go the detox route alone, get advice to help direct you to the best kind of detox for you. Ask for a referral or talk with your Naturopath.

Frame of mind is in my opinion and my personal experience the most important factor that will determine whether you will be successful in your detox, so get positive!
Clear out the fridge clear out the pantry so there is no temptation. Plan your meals if you are eating out. Buy the detox supplements you need and make sure you’re clear about how often and how much you need to take. Plan not to socialise – this is really just a bit too hard!

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