The Value of Healthy Relationships

As health practitioners we aim to reduce physical, emotional and chemical stress. As social specimens whether we are aware of it or not, human interactions affect and influence each and every one of us.

Be it be personal or professional, positive or negative, past or present, we all share a connection with others. These relations maybe our parents, siblings, children, friends, work colleges, a business partner or our significant other – the list of different relationships in one’s life is commonly vast and can vary to a great degree.

Some relationships naturally unfold in a beautiful, effortless and refreshing manner, and seem to act as a kind of support crew for the ups and downs of life. However, at the other end of the spectrum, some relationships lack common ground, understanding and acceptance, and are therefore challenging and tedious. These difficult encounters are how we grow and evolve emotionally, and can open us up to another perception or experience of life. Try not to shy away from challenge. Welcome it. Be grateful. Think of relationships as life assignments – often valuable and rewarding, yet sometimes painful and challenging.

If you are reading this, surely by now you have come to understand that other people can’t make us happy – true and lasting happiness is an inside job. Sure, others contribute to our pleasure and fleeting happiness, however joy and contentment are inner states that are self-generated.

If transformation in a relationship or in one’s life is desired, the greatest catalyst for change is complete acceptance of the other as he or she is, without needing to judge or criticize. Learn to listen to them in an open and non-defensive way. Give your fellow human the freedom to be and the space to express.

Unhealthy relationships have the power to dominate and hinder many aspects of our health. Consistent attention, practice and maintenance allows the mind and body to connect and achieve better health.

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